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Find and book corporate event vendors and suppliers

We all have our preferred vendors, and we don't expect you to be any different. But what happens when you need a new vendor, or a service different to what you normally have?  Where do you go and what do you search on Google to find event vendors? 

Not sure?  Neither were we, that's exactly why BizziEvents exists. We are event lovers and are dedicated to partnering with clients who run corporate events with a range of trusted vendors including venues, caterers, AV and entertainment. If you are looking for full service stylists, we can connect you with them too. 

You will find everything you need to ensure your next event is going to be a hit, and will do so faster and cheaper than spending hours on Google doing it yourself. 

Book AV companies

Poor AV (audiovisual) can be the difference between an event that generates a return, and one remembered for a speaker that couldn't be heard, or a crackle that gave a guest a headache. 

Find AV suppliers that can work in your area, that offers the exact services you want at a price that you need.

Whether you provide equipment rental, technical support, planning or live stream/recording, find it on BizziEvents.

Book a Caterer

Find and book a corporate caterer that can support exactly what you want. Don't settle for soggy sandwiches and wraps, find and book a caterer that can support exactly what you want and leave your guests full and satistfied, not upset and hungry.

Don't settle for convienience when you can filter and find a corporate caterer that can cover your dietary needs while treating your guests to an experience they actually might finish.

Book an Entertainer

Whether you are looking for a MC, Magician or Mentalist, the demand to entertain at events is increasing. Finding and booking entertainment isn't easy at the best of time, where the gig-economy has resulted in services where anyone can list themselves as an expert. 

Our vendors form part of our exclusive list of corporate event suppliers and are primarily sourced through referrals. We aim to ensure every entertainer delights your Guests.

Book a Photographer

Whether you are wanting a photographer to take headshots at an event as an added bonus, or want to ensure that annual conference is captured well, or recently refurbished your office and want to promote it, find and book corporate photographers with us.

Some of the services our partners can help with include:

  • Headshots / Portraits
  • Product Photos
  • Office environment shoots
  • Function photography
  • Networking drink photos

Book a Videographer

Trusted video partners are a must have to capture your event. Find a professional that can support your business to capture and edit a video that will support your business growth.

Some of the services our partners may help with include:

  • Interviews
  • Promotional Video / Advertisements
  • Functions and Seminars
  • Testimonials
  • Real Estate
  • Drone Footage
  • Much more...

Find event venues

Find and book hotels, function rooms, golf courses, boardrooms and any other space you need for your corporate event. 

From boardroom layout to theatre seating or cocktail events, we have venues for every event need and capacity.

We work with and source venues that match your needs. Compare and filter by accessibility requirements, status, features or inclusions.

Avoid the Mundane work. Find Event Venues Faster

We've all been there. You spend hours figuring out what the goal of your event is, working through budgets and potential locations.

Every venue on Page 1 of Google is booked, expensive or just a bad fit. 

You end up with one of two outcomes. You either spend 4 hours (on average) finding a venue, or you compromise on your event.

Event Planners, whether your job title or task of the day, are expected to create exceptional event outcomes with minimal support.

Instead of having to sacrifice your lunch break or event quality, next time you need to find corporate event venues, visit BizziEvents, where we have hundreds of options for you to contact, all for free.

Invest the time you save with BizziEvents into other elements of the event, your work, or enjoy not needing to work through your lunch today.
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I wish I found BizziEvents sooner. It would have saved me so much time and effort.
Jasmine S.

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