Our Story

BizziEvents was created off one simple premise: corporate events can be better.

How it all began

As most business ventures go, BizziEvents was born out of a desire to improve the status quo. 

Matthew had seen and experienced the time it takes to plan an event. Whether it be an internal office event, a workshop, a presentation or even a Christmas party. The time it takes to create an exceptional event takes time.

And when he worked out it takes 4 hours to source a venue, he knew things needed to change.

The first step was to check across the industry, across event types and across roles. After confirming it does indeed take 4 hours to source venues Matt continued to research to find out it can take 120+ hours to plan an event.

How is anyone meant to create an exceptional event when 120 hours are invested into just getting the thing ready?

Matt started asking around from people he knew, introductions made and networking groups and found that event planners, whether they be dedicated planners, marketers or Executive Assistants are expected to deliver more everyday.

With workloads increasing and time becoming a rare resource, Matt was determined to help.

And it all starts with the name BizziEvents.

Whether it is Business Events, or Busy Event Planners, BizziEvents is dedicated to helping corporate event planners unlock more of their most precious resource, time. 

Meet the BizziEvents Team

Meet the team that is dedicated to supporting you and your business achieve more through events. 

Matthew Jackson Profile Picture

Matthew Jackson

Founder and Director, Matt is leveraging a decade of experience to support event planners, whether it be through planning, marketing, on-day support or post event evaluations. He is passionate about customer outcomes and is always open to having a talk about your event, future plans and ideating how you could generate more return on your event.

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