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Founder of BizziEvents, Matt is passionate about all thing events and is on a mission to help event planners create exceptional events. With over a decade across multiple industries, Matt brings a wealth of knowledge and result-focused passion to every conversation.
Job Title:
Founder and Concierge
Matthew Jackson, founder of BizziEvents, has been a dedicated marketer for more than a decade, helping businesses grow through smart advertising decisions. With experience across a range of marketing including digital, print, PR and event planning. His background in hatted hospitality restaurants shaped an attitude of ensuring all parties are happy, led to a career as a manager and business leader, helping train dozens of marketers leverage their own potential for good.

Through hard work, a focus on customer research and a desire to see an improvement in business event experiences, Matthew has built BizziEvents exclusively for the business event industry.

Experience: Matthew's marketing journey began in 2013, helping small businesses succeed by creating, managing and enhancing Google Ads campaigns. Growing into the role he was moved into multiple teams and ended up training others how to identify root causes of problems, increase performance and ensure businesses were getting the business they deserved. From here he moved to a larger agency and worked on some of the most recognised brands in Australia and the world, before moving into education and team management.

His leadership skills were developed on the job, with fantastic mentors and through obtaining an Executive MBA from the University of New South Wales. His leadership ethos is "I believe in creating and enhancing value for my organisation and people through a focus on passion, excellence and balance".

As the founder of BizziEvents, Matt identified a challenge where it was taking 4 hours to source venues for business events. After having planned multiple events before, this challenge and frustration often resulted in venues and vendors that were the best option with the time available, versus the best option for the guests. As an event Guests there have been too many events that are in venues that aren't adequate, presentations that don't engage and experiences that left a lot to be desired. It is Matthew's intention to speed up the time it takes to source incredible vendors, so business Event Planners can spend more time doing what they do best, planning incredible experiences, instead of spending hours on research.
Event Planning, Event Advertising, Marketing, Business Operations, Email Marketing, Consulting, Hospitality
University of Macquarie (Bachelor of Commerce), University of New South Wales (Executive Master of Business Administration)

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