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Want some extra support with venue sourcing, media planning, content or even RSVP confirmation calls?

Build a Platinum Service plan to match the amount of events you need and the level of work you want to free up and we will get back with a tailored quote.

Whether you need temporary support while you hire to fill a gap in the team, or you have a staff member going on long term leave, we can help with multiple aspects of your corporate events.

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Venue Sourcing
Social Media Posts: Schedule, Creative & Copy
Email Marketing: Schedule, Creative & Copy
Facebook Ad Assets: Creative & Copy
LinkedIn Ad Assets: Creative & Copy
Local Advertising Plan
Guest Confirmation Calls
Guest Feedback Calls
Event Audits
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Limited To One Business Per Industry

We take an approach that our Platinum Service clients are partners, and their success is our success.

As a result we are unable to accept new clients that compete against active clients.

Rest assured, that as a Platinum Service client we have your best interest at heart and will do all we can to ensure your events and business continue to grow.

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Benefits of BizziEvents Services

With headcounts reduced, workloads that never-end and expectations increasing, there is no better time to start working with BizziEvents.

Unlock More Time

Why spend so much of your own time on endless research and reachouts when you have other things to do?

Corporate Events Only

We have been there, done that... and loved it. Use the service that is dedicated to corporate events.

Quick Turnaround

We get to work immediately on client briefs, can contact 35+ venues and only shortlist available options.


We offer three plans for 1, 3 or 10 events a month. 
Need more? We also offer Bespoke support.
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