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Whether you are looking for musicians, comedians, MCs or Keynote Speakers for your in-office event, seminar or gala, chances are we can help. 

Bizzievents partners with businesses who run corporate related events and trusted vendors across Australia. We work with a range of entertainers and are constantly vetting and inviting more to join our panel.

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BizziEvents is dedicated to supporting corporate event planners invest more time into creating exceptional guest experiences. 

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Types of event entertainment...

Hosts / MCs
Keynote Speakers

Find Entertainers for your event

Whether you are looking for restaurant ready meals, a light breakfast or an delicious lunch we have a range of caterers that should match your work event needs.

Free up your time by having us sourceOur concierge team offers a tailored and efficient solution to finding the perfect venue for your corporate event. We handle all aspects of the venue search process. As we have relationships with so many venues we also handle the negotiation of rates and provide added services you may not have been aware of.

This means you have free your time, or your teams time to focus on other elements of their primary job responsibilities.

The concierge service can save you hours of labour and effort, so why not give it a go?

Find a comedian for your event

Laughter might be one of the great medicines. In fact there is a whole category of therapy around laughter therapy.

If you are wanting to hire a comedian for your work function, we can connect you to a range of different comedy acts. Ensure in your briefing to include some of the desired dos and do nots to help us narrow down your search.

Find a dance crew for your event

If you are planning a show at your event, or looking to ensure the dance floor goes off with a bang, chances are you can find anything you might need, be it ballet dancers to breakdancers.

Please ensure to brief in the type of event you want and note you will need the space for a dancer or dance team at your venue. 

Find a MC for your event

A good host will be able to run the event, welcome guests and ensure they settle in well, cover off the event agenda. A great host will ensure the event is memorable for the right reasons and if anything were to go wrong, a great host will ensure nobody is the wiser.

Book a fantastic host or MC for your corporate event.

Find a keynote speaker for your event

If you are planning on raising goosebumps on your guests, a great keynote can do the job. Whether you are looking for motivation speakers or inspirational leaders, a keynote speaker will ensure your guests talk about your event with all their network.

Find a magician for your event

Corporate magic is back. There have been plenty of studies about the impact play has on work performance. There is also nothing more entertaining than see a magician performing magic in the lunch room.

When briefing for a magician ensure to include the type of event and type of guests that will be in attendance. You can also request for specific types of magicians such as mentalists, slieght of hand, and illusionists.

Find a musician for your event

With more corporate events being booked, we are seeing more requests for entrance music, background mood setters and headliners to ensure your guests are tapping their feet, keeping engaged or avoiding silence while they start to network with each other.

Find and book a musician or band for your work event.

BizziEvents Services and Packages

Want to avoid the hassle of contacting venue after venue for your conference, only to be told they aren't available, out of budget or don't have the AV requirements you need?

BizziEvents is here to support all corporate event planners find and book event venues. We research, compare, contact and negotiate prices on your behalf, presenting back only available options. You simply need to select which of the shortlisted venues you want.

It's that simple.

Head over to our services page and compare our plans.

Spend less time on mundane work and invest that time into what you do best.

Booked With BizziEvents Guarantee

If we can't find you vendor options to present for your event we will not only offer a complete refund, but will also offer you a full credit.

100% refund and 100% credit?

That's the Booked With BizziEvents Guarantee.

Benefits of BizziEvents Services

With headcounts reduced, workloads that never-end and expectations increasing, there is no better time to start working with BizziEvents.

Unlock More Time

Why spend so much of your own time on endless research and reachouts when you have other things to do?

Corporate Events Only

We have been there, done that... and loved it. Use the service that is dedicated to corporate events.

Quick Turnaround

We get to work immediately on client briefs, can contact 35+ venues and only shortlist available options.


We offer three plans for 1, 3 or 10 events a month. 
Need more? We also offer Bespoke support.
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