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Looking for ways to save time when searching for event venues? 

Why spend 4 hour on average searching for venues when you can invest that time in other work?

Whether you need a workshop, meeting room, product launch space or staff party venue, brief us and we will find, contact, negotiate and present back a shortlist of options.

Brief between 1-12 events per month on our Silver Service Plan with plans starting from $5.39 per day with annual discounts.
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Benefits of BizziEvents Services

With headcounts reduced, workloads that never-end and expectations increasing, there is no better time to start working with BizziEvents.

Unlock More Time

Why spend so much of your own time on endless research and reachouts when you have other things to do?

Corporate Events Only

We have been there, done that... and loved it. Use the service that is dedicated to corporate events.

Quick Turnaround

We get to work immediately on client briefs, can contact 35+ venues and only shortlist available options.


We offer three plans for 1, 3 or 10 events a month. 
Need more? We also offer Bespoke support.
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Concierge Services and Packages

Need a little more support, or don't have the time to search in the Plaftorm?

BizziEvents is your event planner down the road. We support businesses with everything from sourcing venues for workshops and Christmas parties, all the way up to communication plans, content, creative and advertising assets.

Reallocate the time you save by workin with BizziEvents to other aspects of your role. Get more ROI from  your event, move on to another task or perhaps even take that lunch break outside rather than at your desk.

All Concierge Packages come with a Booked with BizziEvents Guarantee.

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How we help...

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Event Managers
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Fun Committees
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We find you the venue while you focus on other things

Whether your business runs one event a year or a hundred events a quarter, chances are you don't have a dedicated headcount focused on researching, negotiating and booking venues. This is often meant to be a small portion of someones time, or may not even be part of their standard job.

Our concierge team offers a tailored and efficient solution to finding the perfect venue for your corporate event. We handle all aspects of the venue search process. As we have relationships with so many venues we also handle the negotiation of rates and provide added services you may not have been aware of.

This means you have free your time, or your teams time to focus on other elements of their primary job responsibilities.

The concierge service can save you hours of labour and effort, so why not give it a go?

Free up time for other event management tasks

Everyone knows the life of an event manager is incredibly busy. You are answering your phones at any hour of the day from suppliers who are delayed or attendees who ask the same questions as you mention in your invite emails. The workload never ends and you often end up cutting out personal time and lunch breaks just to get enough through the day to reduce the chances that tomorrow is the same. We know that feeling, but how much time could we save you?

Let's take a fairly standard Event Coordinator role to work through how much time each task could take per week, assuming they work a little bit of overtime, so ~40 hours per week. Now these are estimates, as the time and tasks will depend on you, your team and support, the complexity of your events and the specific requirements of your business.

  • Support the Event Managers in ad hoc requests around event planning: 5 hours per week
  • Database management and data entry: 3 hours per week
  • Management of delegate, speaker or facilitator enquiries: 2 hours per week
  • Report on progress of event and post-event outcomes: 3 hours per week
  • Build online registrations and RSVPs by liaising with Marketing: 2 hours per week
  • Liaising with delegates, event participants, and suppliers: 5 hours per week
  • Finding catering options that match your attendee needs: 3 hours per week
  • Researching potential venues and destinations, checking availability and negotiating rates: 4 hours per week
  • Assisting with building proposals and pitch documents: 4 hours per week
  • Assisting with hotel and airline reservations for group travel: 2 hours per week
  • Answering phones & general administration office duties and support: 4 hours per week
  • Invoice loading of all receipts and spend broken down by item and schedule: 3 hours per week

If you could reduce the 4 hours spent finding a venue down to a simple brief to Bizzievents, you could save a fair chunk of time. Add in the ability to brief in catering requests and the potential to consolidate invoicing and you could be saving hours of time a week. Time that could be spent catching up on emails, completing other work, or (crazy idea) having a lunch break.

Bizzievents concierge services are aimed at busy professionals who have more work on their hands than time.

If it saves you a single hour to find, compare, negotiate and book a venue per event,  that is an hour you could spend doing anything else, perhaps even taking a real lunch break!

Get in touch if you are planning on briefing multiple events.

Reduce the time needed to complete this task

An EA is busy enough. Your needs are specific to those of your C-Suite, and you don't have the time to be searching online for hours on end to find the venue when you also are involved in all other aspects of the event.

If you have previously spent hours sourcing venues, comparing prices, checking availabilities and processing payments, and are doing this for multiple events across the nation, chances are you could leverage our service to save time, reduce stress and streamline the process of finding and booking an event space.

Stop wasting time Googling for ideas

Whether a team of volunteers or dedicated workplace experience headcount, every person in this group likely has a dozen other things they are wanting to implement, and the venue search is just one area.

As a regular of the fun committee, find a venue that meets the needs in terms of size, inclusions and more importantly, cost, is a time consuming project.

Using our concierge service you will not only save yourself time, but will be given a selection of venues to consider. All for no additional cost*

We find the venue, you run the event the way you want

Whether you need to book a product launch, conference, networking event, activation or customer events, finding the venue is often a time consuming task. 

Every event you migh run needs a venue, but it is often something that is a small line item in your project management plan. A small line item that takes time to sort out, often at the cost of enhancing the event itself.

Let us find a venue that meets your schedule, location, budget and inclusions.

We find the venue that will help you get the deals

We have all been there. A topic that is interesting, a RSVP list that is above target and a sales team that is ready to go. 

What happens when the location isn't easily found, the capcity is too small to handle your event, the inclusions provided were wrong or the contract terms meant you were slugged with so many additional fees you couldn't make a return on investment?

Let us filter and find the event location for you, so you can focus on the most important part of your sales event, networking and converting prospects to clients.

Spend less time venue sourcing

We've all been there, we have spent hours searching for the right venue, ensure it had all the features we needed, filled in the booking enquiry form and were told the venue wasn't available, or not at your budget. 

This starts your research process from scratch again and another few hours of effort is wasted.

Whether your need an event space for a 3 hour seminar, a full day workshop, or a venue for your annual conference, BizziEvents exists to support you.
Simply brief BizziEvents, and we will send back a shortlist of venues that are available with negotiated rates.

Best of all, instead of requesting commissions from the venues, we ask for discounts for our clients.
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I rarely get a moment to myself, so when I get briefed to find a workshop venue by my executive, I just pass the request on to BizziEvents.
Jasmine S.

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