How this AV company used BizziEvents to source venue options for their product launch

Thank you for your assistance in finding the prospective venues for us.
Ben R.,
Wholesale Manager, AV Company
Product Launch
BizziEvents Silver

Finding a venue for a corporate event is hard enough, but add on requirements like ceiling heights, being close to industry and live music appropriate and you have one complex venue requirement.

The Challenge

Ben, wholesale manager at a national distributor of DJ, audio and lighting enquipment was about to launch their latest range. The challenge was, they needed venue roof clearance of 3.5m, which is not often a filter you can use when searching on Google for a venue. Besides this, the venue needed to have:

  • capability of loud live music to provide a live demo
  • be close to the industry they service
  • have 3-phase power
  • have a style similar to "grunge"
  • be able to take onboard 5 pallets worth of equipment weighing in excess of 200kg

On the day they were expecting to have on section for the tradefloor and product launch, with another room to be used for training sessions.

They also wanted to find a venue open to Contra.

Ben wasn't an event planner. Getting involved in the planning of this event was taking up time and resources that he could better invest into the business.

So he reached out to BizziEvents to see what we could do.

How BizziEvents Helped

After the brief, BizziEvents started the process of identifying areas that matched their needs.

  • Close to industry focused on areas like Marrackville, Erskinville, Redfern and the CBD fringes
  • Grunge decor meant the venue needed to be purpose built for music and entertainment, with bars and purpose built music venues a focus
  • 3.5m ceiling height meant needing to be familiar with venues, be able to contact the venues to discuss and be able to find clips or videos that demonstrate the right capabilities

With these, BizziEvents contacted 42 venues to have discussions about their live music capabilities, ceiling heights and whether they were open to Contra.

Of the 33 venues spoken to:

  • 25 venues weren't available or able to fit the guests in the layout required
  • 3 venues were available, would fit the guests, but weren't the grungy vibe
  • 2 venues were available, would fit the guests, but didn't have the right clearance
  • 4 venues were shortlisted and presented that were also open to Contra
  • 2 venues were scoped out by a rep to ensure they were appropriate
  • 1 venue was booked, the Factory Theatre

Due to the complexity in the request, were Ben to do this himself he would have needed to invest over 12 hours to the task. Instead he briefed us, we completed the research and presented back options that matched the brief.

How BizziEvents supports Product Launches

If you are about to launch a new product, whether it be fashion, consumables or products, BizziEvents is able to work to your brief to find you the venue that matches your needs. 

Ben selected the BizziEvents Silver package, venue sourcing. If you want support beyond venue sourcing BizziEvents Services include email marketing, social media planning, content and creative and even event audits.

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