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What does BizziEvents do?

BizziEvents is a Service and Platform dedicated to support corporate event planners save time when sourcing venues. 

Our study found that experienced event planners can take up to 4 hours to source venues for their event. That half a day, spread out, covers searching online, comparing websites and photos, checking reviews, and sending multiple emails checking for prices and availabilities. As a result of this time intensive work, often the first venue to respond within budget will be selected, instead of the best venue. 

BizziEvents can contact more than 30 venues in order to provide our clients a shortlist of appropriate venues.

We also offer bespoke packages that support with everything from in-platform promotions, email nurture journey set-up and management, social media advertising, creative, content and local advertising recommendations.

How much does BizziEvents Cost?

BizziEvents prices are dependant on the type of service you need.

If you are looking to source venues yourself and reduce the time on Google and other search engines, we have an online platform where you can filter and contact over 300 venues, vendors and suppliers. The price is free to generate unlimited enquiries, both as a Planner and a Vendor.

If you are wanting to offload the high time resource that is venue sourcing and shortlisting, BizziEvents offers a range of venue sourcing services. The full prices are available here and are flexible to your event scheduling needs.

We do not charge venues anything to work with us, instead requesting that commission that others charge to be passed on to our clients as discounts.

What is the BizziEvents Platform?

The BizziEvents Platform is an online portal that connects corporate event planners with venues, caterers, AV companies and other vendors across Australia. The platform is there for you to search filter and enquire with exceptional venues. Your requests are sent directly to the vendor to review and respond to.

With over 300 listings on the Platform, this should be a first stop on your venue sourcing journey.

You can join the platform here

What is the difference between the Platform and BizziEvents Silver Service?

The Platform has been designed to support event planners who want to do it themselves. It enables them a way to save close to 30 minutes per event by providing a list of venues they can immediately contact.

BizziEvents Silver Service plans are designed to take the burden of the search away from marketers, executive assistants and any corporate event planner. We complete the search, contact venues, negotiate rates and provide back a shortlist of up to 3 available venues. 

You can review our BizziEvents Silver Services here.

How does BizziEvents Work?

Once our clients brief us, we commence immediately with our venue sourcing work. We rely on our extensive network and research tools to find, compare and provide a shortlist of venues back to you.

What are the Cancellation Notices?

Every venue, caterer and vendor has different contracts and cancellation notices. While we may assist in sourcing venues, your booking and associated obligations are with the vendor directly.

How many events can I brief at once?

You can brief in as many events at once as your plan allows, in addition to any rollover credits you may not have used in previous months. BizziEvents is adept at scaling with our clients needs and can support you whether you brief 1 event or 60 events at once.

How much notice do I need to give for my event brief?

Ideally we receive your corporate event venue sourcing request at least 4 weeks before your event, however the more time the better. We often find some of the top venues are booked out 2-3 months in advance, as many corporate event planners work on a rolling 3 month plan.

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Whether you are looking for a boardroom, workshop space, conference room or a corporate retreat, you can find it for free on BizziEvents.

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