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How to find the right venue for your event

Imagine signing up for an event that sounds like a great topic, is going to have some pretty great speakers and is within your price range. 

Sounds perfect right?

What happens then you turn up, notice the venue doesn't match the description, and there are cockroaches?

If you want to avoid a cock(roach)-up at your next event, follow our clear and foolproof guide here.
hotel function room

6 Steps to picking the right venue 

    1. Location
    2. Type of Venue
    3. Capacity
    4. Amenities and services
    5. Cancellation options
    6. Cost and budget

1.  Location

Picking the right location is so important. Consider how often you go out of your normal suburb or location routine? We all have heard of different bubbles we all live in (e.g. the Northern Beaches bubble). If you aren't likely to go to a new suburb you haven't heard of, why would your customers?

Consider the data you have on hand. Do you have a cluster of postcodes or suburbs where your customers or potential customers are found? Is there a cool venue in the area that might attract attendance (e.g. booking at an art gallery and all attendees get a free day pass)?

If you don't have data, use the Australian Bureau of Statistics, chances are there is information about your audience you can find online about where they are located. If not, find local business hubs, industrial areas or major shopping centres. This is particularly useful for regional events which often have an anchor town where people will all travel to.

2. Different types of venues

    1. Meeting spaces
    2. Conference centres
    3. Event venues
    4. Outdoor spaces
    5. Private dining rooms
    6. Meeting rooms
    7. Function rooms

Tips for selecting the best venue for your event

    1. Determine your event's needs and goals
    2. Research different venue options
    3. Check for availability and book early
    4. Confirm all details and pay your booking fee to lock in the venue

3. Capacity

If you aren't new to events at your company, chances are you will know exactly how many people you are expecting. For a sales seminar, do you have a 50% RSVP Yes to Attendee Rate? Then plan for slightly more than that. If you are planning a photo shoot, you should know how many staff are on site, how many supporting stylists and designers you will have and what product you are sourcing.

Make sure your venue has at least enough space for your Guests. If not, you may be limited by entry (for example covid safety rules), or you may need to reject people at the door. Neither is a great outcome so ensure you book a venue with the right amount of space.

4. Amenities and services

Every venue and event has a specific set of needs. These could be as simple as natural light, or as complex as a full AV setup. If you don't know what you need yet, consider your event purpose. Are you trying to sell something to prospective customers? If so, you may need a screen, some tables, chairs and a venue that is close to major business districts. 

Bizzievents Venues provide a list of included amenities when they register as a host. Reach out to our team to ask about venues that have inclusions such as whiteboards, screens, studio lighting or whatever else you may need for your event. If we don't have a venue that matches your needs, we will help you find one.

5. Cancellation Policies

Sometimes the unplanned occurs and you need to cancel your event. The work scenario is that you are charged for the full event even when you gave a months notice. Make sure your cancellation policy is good for your business, and also fair for the venue you are booking.

Most venues have their own cancellation policy that can differ depending on who is booking. If they know you, they might offer a credit for the future, consolidated billing and preferential booking times. If they don't you may be out of luck regardless of whether you cancel within notice or not. Cancellations can get messy so Bizzievents has created a generous policy that means you nor the venue are going to be penalised without fair warning. 

When booking and paying through Bizzievents, your booking is subject to our generate cancellation policies. 

6. Costs and Budgets

If your budgets aren't aligned with your required location, inclusions and amenities you might end up with a problem. Consider the average cost of a venue for your type of location. It could be $200 or $2000 per hour. That is generally a baseline, as you also need to consider cleaning fees, catering fees and any additional costs with the venue such as parking or additional amenities.

It is better to have a buffer for the venue, and any savings made could potentially be reallocated to promoting your event or increasing the on-day promotions to increase your guests experiences.

How do I pick the best venue for me?

Picking the best venue is a combination of your selected location, the type of venue, capacity of the venue, included or available amenities, ensuring clear cancellation policies and ensuring your budget meets those requirements.

Bizzievents can help you with the venue selection process, bookable via our concierge page.

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