Decoding the 8 Types of Corporate Events

Corporate events have evolved into a pivotal tool leveraging various business dimensions. 

But before you can start planning an event, you need to understand the different types of events and their common use cases.

These events are often designed to deliver business growth, networking opportunities and brand engagement.

Why Corporate Events Matter

Corporate events can be a strategic business tool to achieve multiple objectives. These may range from enhancing relationships with clients, amplifying employee morale, demonstrating gratitude to partners, promoting products, to spelling out company visions and policies. Let’s look at the common types of these events:

1. Conferences

Concrete platforms for disseminating information, fostering networking, and showcasing leadership strength. 

These can be internal conferences, for example an annual staff conference to celebrate last years achievements and talk about the upcoming year. 

Conferences can also be external, and can be considered at very large workshops where you often have a series of smaller speakers and panels to attend.

2. Workshops/Seminars

Impart targeted knowledge and skills sharpening, promoting team bonding and upskilling. These are often 10-20 people and are great for working through new ideas, converting prospects into sales or engaging with clients to uncover new growth opportunities.

3. Product Launches

Stimulates brand visibility and triggers public interest in new offerings, influencing purchasing decisions positively. 

If you are launching a product, the venue is an absolutely major consideration. You will need to spend days ensuring you have found venues that match your needs, is available, and is in budget. Or you can get BizziEvents to do it.

BizziEvents was engaged to find a venue for an AV product launch.  They needed high ceilings, a grungy atmosphere and no chance of annoying any nearby residential buildings. You can read more about their experience here.

4. Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Widen business reach and facilitate interaction with potential clients, peers, and the media. These may also involve getting event sponsors. If this is your first time planning a trade show, we highly recommend working with experts in the area.

5. Award Ceremonies

Celebrate and appreciate outstanding performers, boosting morale and dedication. There is a fine balance at these events between fun and celebratory and a bit off putting, so ensure to balance out awards with a great and entertaining MC.

6. Networking Events

Promote interaction and build relationships in a less formal atmosphere. Not a fan of awkward networking events? We created an article on ways you can elevate your next networking event.

7. Company Milestones

Reflect growth, commendable performances and are a platform for expressing gratitude towards contributors. These can be some of the most memorable and entertaining events.

Our top tip: Make sure you have your brand at the heart of your event. Consider this as an activation not just an event.

8. Team Building Events

Boost morale, promote teamwork and provide relaxation, reinforcing commitment within the workforce. There are some fantastic activities you can do to build your teams productivity that don’t break the bank. Here are 5 quick team building activities you can run at any time.


Selecting the perfect corporate venue in Australia can enhance the success of your event. At BizziEvents, we specialise in giving you the upper hand by sourcing the best spaces tailored to your corporate event needs. We spend hours finding you venue options so you can invest that time into other elements of your event.