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Dos and Don’ts of the Christmas party

There are plenty of dos and do'nts that everyone needs to know before your work Christmas party and the below list is just scratching the surface.


Do: Say hello to your fellow team mates and anyone who you have worked closely with over the year.

Don’t: Tell that annoying person they are the reason bonuses weren’t paid out.


Do: RSVP yes or no and stick to it.

Don’t: Show up and complain that there isn’t enough food or drinks… you weren’t counted as an attendee


Do:  Chat with your manager, department head or CEO.

Don’t: Wait until you are 3 tequila shots in to tell your CEO your master plan for the business.


Do: Show up relatively on-time

Don’t: Show up relatively on-time with an extra guest. Check ahead if partners or plus ones are welcome, and if so were they meant to RSVP.


Do: Dress to theme and show everyone how fun you are.

Don’t: dress against the attire guidelines. This is a festive occasion yes, but it is still a work related occasion.


Do: Talk about work. A little bit of work talk is okay, and chances are they are safe-ish topics of conversation.

Don’t: Talk overtalk about work, bring up looming deadlines, problems, pain points or request a promotion/pay rise. This is a celebration, and if you haven’t planned your work out in advance, there is nothing you can do about it at this exact moment.


Do: Have fun

Don’t: Become office gossip. Don’t be that person who started pre-drinking at lunch, got back to the office and was sent home in a taxi before the event even started…


Do: Be present for the event. Avoid spending too much time on your phone or in the corners. Speak to your colleagues and if you aren’t feeling it but already showed up, that is perfectly fine to make a little exit.

Don’t: Avoid being present the next day. DO NOT PULL A SICKIE THE DAY AFTER A CHRISTMAS PARTY. Nothing looks worse that pulling a sickie the next day. Turning up hungover (for certain professionals) is okay and you might get a bit of flack, but not turning up or pulling a sickie is just going to look bad.


The list can go on forever, however the overarching rule is simple. Attend if you say you will attend, be present and be social, but professional.

Video: Dos and Don'ts of the Office Christmas Party

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