How should I behave at my office Christmas party?

This should be a time to relax, unwind and celebrate the efforts you have put in to the company over the year. What it isn’t, is a time to tell your work enemy just what you think of them.

Here are our simple guidelines for how to behave at your Christmas Party.

How to act my work Christmas Party

  1. Show Face

A lot of costs go in to planning a Christmas party, and if you RSVP’d Yes, turn up. Even if you show for half an hour, people will know you were there. You then have a story to tell about speaking to someone.

  1. Pre-gaming is about eating, not drinking

Drinking culture is a big part of traditional Christmas parties. Getting wasted at work (yes a party is still work), isn’t a great look. You don’t want to be remembered as the person who was sick on someone else, who got kicked out or who told that employee exactly what you thought of them. This is a logical rule but do not get wasted.

  1. Show up on time

Fashionably late isn’t really a word that applies in corporate vocabulary. There is a certain level of lateness accepted, however turning up halfway through speeches, awards or only showing up when the bar is opening up to spirits, isn’t a great look.

  1. Don’t spend the time on your phone

Being seen stuck on your phone isn’t a great look. You are much better off chatting with people you know. Failing that, use the Christmas Party to speak to new people you haven’t met. Who knows, maybe the group or person you say hello to is someone who can help you.

  1. Dress appropriately

This is still a workplace event. Dress in theme where possible, but don’t take the theme to the next level. Don’t show anything you wouldn’t show at the office.

  1. You don’t have to stay for the full event

There is nothing wrong with leaving the event early. You showed up, you had a few chats and you can now leave.

  1. Don’t be that person

Don’t be a creep and don’t go around offering people drugs. These things are remembered and will always get back to HR.


These are the basic rules on how to celebrate Christmas parties at work. The simple takeaway here is have fun, don’t overdo it and always remember that anything that happens here is reportable to HR.

How should I act as a manager at my Christmas party?

One of the things we hear is what managers should do at Christmas parties. Yes, you have a team that you are in charge of, but if you are asking yourself can I relax at my Christmas party as a manager, the answer is yes, mostly.

Before the event you should be ensuring your team is aware that this is a work event, the start and end dates and general behaviour guidelines. If HR has sent around policy reminders or any other terms, ensure they are known. By reminding your team the rules you are doing your managerial role.

At the event, don’t be afraid to have fun. You deserve it.

The same rules apply to the general guest apply doubly to managers, department directors and leaders. Do not get wasted, do not be that person and do your best to show up on time.

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