How to plan a real EOFY work party

The end of financial year (EOFY) is no small event to plan. You have been tasked with creating an event that not only celebrates the last year, but is going to set the tone for this year. And that is even more the case if you skipped your Christmas party last year!

Pulling off a fantastic EOFY work party  is an exercise in detailed planning. Even the best event planners can have a hard time planning an EOFY event without a strong plan.

Here's a blueprint to get you started.

Build your EOFY Team

Before you go ahead and start finding event venues, you need to determine who is approved to make decisions, what budgets you will have and what the approval processes are.

A great EOFY event planning team includes people from multiple departments, at least one person with some event planning experience and the approval, backing and trust from the executive team. Often you might need to include a senior manager or executive as an 'advisor' in order to ensure you have their buy-in.

Core Event Suppliers

Now you have your team, you need to start searching, comparing and booking your vendors. You can find some execptional corporate event venues and vendor options on the free BizziEvents Platform.

Crucial EOFY Event Considerations


Having a theme can make your party more engaging. Time-period themes, elegant black-tie, or a fun costume theme can add excitement to your party. Make sure you have this approved first, and know that the more exciting it is the more likely you will have a complete office match. Better yet to involve the executive leadership to pick the theme and ensure they are fully bought in - your CEO announcing their attendance with a costume will put the pressure on everyone else.


As this is a company event, keep a careful eye on your budget. Allocate funds appropriately among venue, food, entertainment and extras. Your biggest costs are going to be food and beverage, which often warps up into the venue minimum spend. After that you have entertainment, AV and styling.

Enggement Factor

Consider interactivity so it's not just another corporate event. Include an awards section, photobooths or enthusiasm-boosting games. Making this event something that isn't just about drinking will go a long way to making it clear the new year is about more than long friday lunches. Particularly with the rise of alcohol free attitudes.

Event Timing

The timing should not disrupt important tasks or deadlines. The best timings are usually at the closing hours of work, later in the week. After hours events are likely to be pushed for, however you will need to plan for a much lower attendance, with people having post-work plans or a desire to get home quickly. Make sure you also consider taxis and transport if you are hosting a later event.

Event Promotion

This is one of the things to never be skipped. What is the point in creating and planning an amazing EOFY event if nobody is going to attend. We believe it is so important we have a whole article about it: Promoting Your Staff Event


With our plan you are going to be on the right track to ensuring your work EOFY event is a hit.