The Power of Employee Engagement at EOFY

The End of Financial Year (EOFY) is more than just a time for completing paperwork and reconciling finances.

It's an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the achievements of your team, department and company. An EOFY party is a great, fun way for businesses to celebrate everyone and every achievement.

Here's why you should consider planning a work EOFY party for your corporate team.

Motivation and Moral Boosting

The ongoing pressure to perform throughout the year comes at  a peak when it comes downt o EOFY. You have a final performance push, ongoing sales and promotions and a stack of reporting and planning. Celebrating the last year and setting the tone for the new year with a EOFY party could:

Connect with Colleagues

You can use your EOFY party to take a spin on the traditional drinks approach. Instead why not include a portion of a workshop or teambuilding, where teams formed from multiple departments compete for a prize. Think more gingerbread house making vs growth workshop.

Boost your performance for next financial year

Just because you are hosting a party to celebrate last year, doesn't mean you can't use it to prepare everyone for this upcoming year. Take the time to share plans, exciting news, promotions and anything that your staff will use to engage with the business better.  Announce a competition where the best department process improvement is rewarded with a getaway for a week. Promote the newest leave offerings. Celebrate your upcoming long service leavers. Do Ensuring you use this time to amp up for the next year will ensure you start off on the right step.

Host in-house or elsewhere

You don't need to break the bank planning your EOFY work party. You can get catering, hire some great entertainment and let people leave on-time. If you are interested in finding a venue that might be more appropriate, get in touch with the team at BizziEvents.