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A corporate function is an important event that requires careful planning and execution. Whether it's a product launch, an awards ceremony, or a conference, the success of the event depends on many factors, including the role of the Master of Ceremonies (MC). The MC sets the tone for the event, keeps it on schedule, provides context, introduces speakers, engages the audience, and handles unexpected situations.

There are six things a good MC will be able to do for your corporate event.

  1. Set the tone of the event
  2. Keep the event on schedule aligned to your agenda
  3. Provide relevant context and expectations for the audience
  4. Introduce the speaker or facilitators
  5. Engage the audience with questions, stories and encouraging participation
  6. Handling unexpected scenarious

Sets the Tone

The MC is the first person that the audience sees when they arrive at the event. They play a critical role in creating a welcoming atmosphere and setting the tone for the rest of the event. A perfect MC should be friendly and approachable, putting the audience at ease. They should be able to make eye contact with the audience and speak clearly and confidently. The MC should also be appropriately dressed for the occasion, reflecting the formality of the event.

Keeps the Event on Schedule

The MC is responsible for keeping the event running on schedule. They should be familiar with the agenda and ensure that each segment starts and ends on time. A perfect MC should be able to smoothly transition from one segment to another, keeping things moving along. They should also be aware of any technical requirements, such as sound and lighting, and make sure that they are working correctly.

Provides Context

The MC provides context for the event, explaining why it's important and what the audience can expect. They should be knowledgeable about the event and able to answer any questions that the audience may have. A perfect MC should be able to convey the purpose and significance of the event, highlighting its goals and objectives. They should also provide any necessary background information, such as the history of the organization or the products being launched.

Introduces Speakers

The MC introduces speakers and provides a brief background about each of them, highlighting their achievements and why they are relevant to the event. A perfect MC should be able to pronounce the speaker's name correctly and make them feel welcome. They should also be able to create a connection between the speaker and the audience, highlighting their common interests and experiences.

Engages the Audience

The MC engages the audience by asking questions, telling stories, and encouraging participation. A perfect MC should be able to read the audience and adjust their approach accordingly. They should be able to create a relaxed and informal atmosphere, encouraging the audience to interact with each other and with the speakers. The MC should also be able to inject humor into the event, making the audience feel comfortable and entertained.

Handles Unexpected Situations

One of the most important, but often overlooked activites the MC may end up doing is handling unexpected situations. These range from technical difficulties or changes in the schedule. They should be able to think on their feet and keep the event moving smoothly. A perfect MC should have a backup plan in case of emergencies, such as a spare microphone or backup sound system. They should also be able to communicate effectively with the event staff, such as the AV team or the catering staff.

Questions to ask your MC before hiring

Make sure to talk through your plans, expectations and identify whether or not your MC has done it before, can handle your agenda and has had to think on their feet with unexpected situations. 

The perfect MC for a corporate function should be organised, engaging, knowledgeable, and able to handle the unexpected with ease. The MC plays a critical role in ensuring the success of the event and creating a positive experience for the audience. 

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