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Types of Keynote Speakers

A keynote speaker at an event can make or break it.

I recall attending a university graduation ceremony, where the keynote speaker didn't know their speech, spent time throughout the speech on their ipad trying to find their place and spoke with a complete monotone. Besides the fact that it wasn't very engaging, the topic itself was irrelevant to the attendees.

On the flip side, I have also been to an event where the keynote speaker, who was there to talk about the concept of Play at work, left me with three pages of notes and newfound knowledge that not only is there an 'Institute of Play' in USA, but there seems to be an Institute for every single topic if you look hard enough. 

Picking the right speaker starts with an understanding of the three main types of keynote speakers: Motivational, Celebrity and Business Related.


What are Motivational Speakers?

Motivational speakers are often individuals who have overcome extreme environments or situations throughout their life and are able to share that journey in a way that provides learning outcomes to the listeners. These speakers are often brought in to inspire or motivate the audience with personal stories and anecdotes.

Motivational speakers are sometimes also known as inspirational speakers. These are similar in that they have often overcome significant adversity in their lives.

Are motivational speakers appropriate for work events?

Absolutely. A great motivational speaker is fantastic for a work event. Ensure you are aware of the topic they are speaking about, the lessons they impart and ensure that any sensitive topics are cleared first. Be careful to ensure that your HR team is aware of the topics and your team knows about your Employee Assistance Program, if you have one. Some topics may trigger your audience. 

What are Celebrity Speakers

Hiring a celebrity speaker as your keynote could be a fantastic options. Finding and hiring a popular and well-known personality can result in your event being spoken about for weeks to come. Celebrities can come from any forum, whether they be sporting, entertainment or politics. Bringing in a celebrity can result in additional event attendance and hype, so if you are planning on bringing someone, ensure they agree with the additional promotions.

Also be aware that a celebrity in themselves may not be appropriate as a speaker. You still need to do your due diligence to ensure they are able to speak about the topics discussed. If you still want a celebrity and they aren't to speak, they can simply be a guest.

What are Business Keynote Speakers

There are many subcategories of business keynote speakers. Picking what typ eof speaker you want really depends on your event audiences. You might want industry experts to talk to your audience about your specific industry. Perhaps these could even be staff from your work that get some public speaking training. You have soft skill speakers, these are those that might talk about resiliance, ethics, or leadership. You might also have hard skill speakers, where your attendees are going to leave with some step by step instructions they will implement in their day to day roles. 

How to find good Keynote Speakers

There are plenty of places you can  find a keynote speaker, however you will need to ensure they are experienced and the right fit. We recommend finding them by using a platform similar to the BizziEvents Platform which only includes some of the top speakers. From here we recommend a quick scan of their social media pages, website and youtube to ensure that what they are speaking about, and how they convey it is exactly what you want to represent your business and brand. Once you have done a little bit of internet stalking, we recommend to reach out and have a chat with them. If you aren't able to get in touch directly with them, and are told to go via an agency, chances are you will be paying an additional fee. This is fine, however make sure you are still able to have that conversation before putting any deposits down.

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