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Reviews and Ratings for Vendors

Trust between event planners and event venues, suppliers and vendors goes beyond supporting the potential for repeat clients. It can be critical in generating you more, new clients.

Event planners want to know the person they are about to book with is the right partner, somone they can trust to do the job on time, to a high standard, and ensure their event is a success. 

Reviews have always been a fantastic way to showcase why your services are superior to others.

What types of reviews exist?

Reviews come in plenty of forms. You have reviews given by word of mouth, which often end up as recommendations and warnings. You can have reviews left on internal systems for later use (e.g. an internal event recap document). Reviews can be hosted on your website, as either case studies or individual reviews. Finally, reviews can also be left on websites like Trustpilot, Google and any other external party.

You need to ensure whenever someone is going to put in the time to do a review, it is going to be glowing.

How to Ask For a Review?

Asking for a review doesn't have to be an awkward conversation. The best review requests are those given in earnest to those you know have had a good experience. Ask the person you have been dealing with for feedback on what they enjoyed and what you could do differently next time they book. If the conversation is positive ask if would consider giving you a review.

If they say yes, send through your thank you email to them, cover off what you loved about working with them and provide a simple way to give a review, whether text feedback back to you, or a link to TrustPilot, Google or whatever platform you prefer (bonus points if you play across multiple review sites and ensure they all cover you well).

What else can I  do when asking for a review?

Asking for a review is great, but did you know the one thing that is better than getting a review? A referral!

Asking them for a referral for someone they know who books events, whether in their company, or at a previous or friends company. Getting that introduction means you can then reach out and find new customers. Consider what might happen if you asked every customer for a referral? This is the secret all great sales people know.

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