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Reviews and Ratings for Vendors

Trust between clients and vendors is critical for the success of any future relationships. You want to know the person you are getting into business with are the right partner, somone you can trust to do the job on time, to a high standard and causes minimal headaches. 

Reviews have always been a fantastic way to showcase why your services are superior to others.

When do I get Reviewed?

After the completion of each booking, the client will be able to review you and will provide commentary as to the accuracy of your listing, your communication and how your are a vendor well worth booking again.

Note: cancelled bookings are able to still be reviewed.

Note: reviews are available for paid transactions only. If you are offering free services, they aren't able to be reviewed.

When do I review the Client?

Once you have completed the transaction, you are able to review the client. 

What should I say in my review?

Each review should be personalise to the individual you dealt with, the company you provided your services to and the overal quality of the booking. A few questions to ask yourself include:

  • Was the intent of the booking made clear?
  • Did the client change dates or the order details often?
  • How well did the client communicate?
  • How positive was your experience with the company?
  • What factors do you think contributed to the success of the booking?
  • Would you like to work with them again?

Are reviews public?

Each review may consist of a thumbs up or down, plus a free-form text comment. While not all users will complete a review, as it is not compulsory, every review made is public.

Reviews are visible to everyone on their profile page. As a Vendor, your rating will be marked as the  percentage of positive ratings and number of ratings.

Bizzievents understand the unexpected can occur and reserves the right to review or remove any reviews we believe are against our community guidelines.

Can I import reviews?

At this stage, we are unable to offer imported reviews. We are working on this feature.

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