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Getting started as a Photography Partner

Congratulations for making it onto the Bizzievents platform as a trusted vendor. This guide will take you through all the steps including completing your sign up, getting your listing live and accepting your first order.

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Step 1: Sign-up

Before you can generate more revenue for your business you will need to join the Platform.

If you haven't been invited to the platform via email, you can create your profile by visiting our Platform sign-up page

Enter your details and click 'Create account'. You will now receive an email to confirm your account creation.

Step 2: Complete your Profile 

Your profile is where a lot of pre-filled information on your listings will come from. This is also one of the most important pages, as event planners are able to view your profile picture and profile details before they message you.

Select your profile picture in the top right corner and choose 'Settings'.

Here you will see a number of options you can complete:

  • Profile Information: The information here is about your business, including your website. Your profile picture should be your logo, as this will show on your listing.
  • Listings: You will see each of the listings you have created and the status of each.
  • Transactions: Here you will see each transaction, whether it is pending or completed. 

Step 3: Create Listing(s)

In the top right corner select the button titled '+Add Listing'. 

You will be presented with a number of categories to select from that match your business.

Select 'Venue' and the closest venue type your business is. If there isn't one that fits select 'Other'.

Step 4: Add more details

We have collected a selection of inclusions and questions clients ask when booking venues for photo shoots, seminars, board meetings and any other event they book. Not all questions are mandatory, however each of these questions are able to be used as filters.

  • Listing Title: an eye-catching way to summarise your catering services (for example, Open plan studio space in the heart of the CBD). You are allowed and encouraged to include your business name or suburb location.
  • Detailed Description: It is recommended to provide a summary of the types of events you often get booked for, the style of venue, why people should book with you and any other key points of differences. If you are creating 1 listing for the full venue, you can add the room breakdown here.
  • Business Name: Your business name
  • Venue Status: Not For Profit, Carbon Neutral or First Nations owned businesses
  • Maximum Guests for the hirable space 
  • Catering Options
  • Accessibility
  • Venue Style and Features: Only some types of Venues will have this. This is primarily requested for Photo Shoots.
  • Included Amenities
  • House Rules: limitations on your venue space, for example, you may not allow smoking, confetti or social events.
  • Parking Options
  • Languages: If you offer your services in, and are fluent in, another language include it in the listing
  • Location: Your address
  • Pictures: These should be images relevant to your venue and room. It is recommended to include a floor plan if you have one.

Once you have reviewed your work, select 'Post listing'

From here, your listing is now under review, which can take a few hours.

Step 5: Add More Listings

Add another listing for the other or different services you offer. For example if you are a venue you might have different rooms that can be hired.

How to Refer a Partner

We all know another business that we rely on in times of need, or that vendor we always seem to work with. Help them generate more bookings by referring them to the Bizzievents platform. Simply log in to the platform, select the link 'Invite New Members' in the top bar and send them over an invitation.

Give them to chance to get more bookings through Bizzievents and refer someone today.

Next: Your first order

Congratulations, your listing is live and you are ready for your first booking. So what comes next?

Next: Your First Order

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Whether you support with conferences, in-house events, workshops or product launches, get in-front of more event planners to generate more revenue for your business.

Best of all, it is completely free for vendors to generate unlimited bookings. 

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As it should be.

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