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Founder of BizziEvents, Matt is passionate about all thing events and is on a mission to help event planners create exceptional events by reducing the time it takes to find incredible vendors.

Your First Bizzievents Order

Congratulations on getting your listing live on the Bizzievents Platform and generating your first booking request.

Find out what to do and how to do it to ensure you and your new clients are going to have the best experience.

An overview of the transaction process is below:

  1. Vendor (you) post a listing
  2. An Event Planner opens the listings page, adds a few filters and is shown a range of options
  3. Event Planner reviews your listing and clicks Enquire Now 
  4. On the following page they are given the directive to supply more information before sending their enquiry. 
  5. Enquiry is sent and you recieve and email and a platform notification. 
  6. You respond and treat the enquiry as if it were direct.

Step 1: Client sends request

After creating a plan, Event Planners will use BizziEvents to source vendors. Sourcing can be made through our Concierge team, or through the online platform.

Step 2: Acknowledge the request

When a booking enquiry is made:

  1. You will receive an email alert 
  2. The platform will have a notification in the top right window
  3. Navigate to your Inbox (click on the notification, or through the link in your email)
  4. The unread notification will be highlighted.
  5. You will then be taken to the messaging where you can message back and forth, and take the booking offline if you so wish.

We recommend acknowledging the request immediately, even if it is a deferral of the quote. This will ensure the Event Planner knows you are top tier communicators.

Step 3: Complete the Booking

Do your thing. Once the booking is accepted provide your services and ensure to give the same service you give everyone else.

Step 4: Retain Your Earnings

BizziEvents doesn't charge vendors any fees. Your earnings are yours.

Step 6: Get More Bookings

After each booking, we recommend asking the client for any referrals they may have for you. These may not be clients that are on the Bizzievents platform yet, but they could be great leads for your business.

One of the best ways to increase your bookings on the Platform is to have your trusted vendors also on the platform, recommending you in their Enquiries.

Next: Getting more reviews

Find out how to generate more reviews and how to complete your review of the event.

Get more reviews 

Generate more revenue on the BizziEvents Platform

Join hundreds of corporate event vendors who are listing their services.

Whether you support with conferences, in-house events, workshops or product launches, get in-front of more event planners to generate more revenue for your business.

Best of all, it is completely free for vendors to generate unlimited bookings. 

$0 Sign Up. $0 per Enquiry. 0% Commission.

As it should be.

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