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Why hire a Magician for your work event

If you never watches Australia's Got Talent (or the overseas versions), Ill give you a quick rundown. Magicians are in. More than in, they are able to create lasting memories that they go home and tell everyone about.

If you are wanting to raise the bar of your next work event, a magician might just be the thing you need.

While you can hire a magician for your Christmas party, you don't need to wait for such a big event to bring magic into the office.

Hire a Magician for an office lunch

When was the last time you walked around the lunch room and saw people truly engaged? I am not talking about engaged with their phones or attending to office gossip. I mean engaged with the company and having an incredible time.

If you are bringing people back to the office, or have an in-office culture, consider hiring a magician for a few hours to come and entertain anyone who comes into the lunch room. 

Hire a Magician for a work conference

Your annual conference doesn't have to be death by powerpoint. Consider finding a Magician that can also act as your MC. This gives you the best of both worlds. You have someone who can control the event, while also provide entertainment throughout. Elevate your next work conference, sales conference or annual planning session by introducing entertainment that will be remembered. 

Hire a Magician for the work Christmas party

If you are in charge of the Chritsmas party, you have already gone to the effort of sourcing the perfect Christmas party venue. You know the theme and you know that you want this Christmas party to be remembered as the best one yet... particularly as everyone knows you are involved in planning!

So, why not take your Christmas party to the next level and hire one of the ultimate forms of entertainers, a magician? 

One hot tip: Make sure they know what the theme is and whether they can, or should dress up.

We have a free guide you can read on how to plan the best christmas party.

How to pick a magician for my event

Selecting the wrong magician is worse than having no entertainment. You want to source a magician that is trusted, has online reviews, videos online and even a great social media presence.

Follow these steps when sourcing a magician:

  1. Find options: the BizziEvents Platform has some incredible Magicians you can reach out to, including Magic Mike (Not a stripper)
  2. Check their videos online
  3. Check out their social media: make sure to check out Insta as well as LinkedIn and TikTok. Yes this is for work research purposes!
  4. Reach out to them: you can do this through the BizziEvents platform, where we may have preferential rates, or you can find their website/agents

Be cautious as some magicians, same as any  other entertainer, may be covered by agencies. If you can't find them directly you may need to go via agents and pay additional fees.

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Did you know it takes 4 hours to find vendors for your work event?

We recently conducted a study and found it takes up to 4 hours per event to source the venue and vendors.

Think of what you could achieve with half a work day back? Could you be invest more time into creating promotional materials, confirming event attendance or completing other work? Would it mean being able to take a real lunch break?

Corporate event planners across Australia rely on BizziEvents to support with everything from sourcing venues, to bespoke support with communications plans, email marketing and other event management.

If you have been briefed to plan a work event, get in touch with us and see how much time you could save. Who knows, maybe you can even get a lunch break here and there!

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