Work Event Entertainment Ideas

We have all been to that event, where it feels more like a school formal than an event. People are spread thin around the venue, there is no mingling and fun seems to be a word people reserve for after they leave.

You are here because you clearly know that work events don't need to be dull. 

Some of the options to raise the bar of your next work event include:

  1. Fun Catering
  2. Musicians
  3. Comedians
  4. Games
  5. Magicians
  6. Hosts/MCs

Can Catering make an event more fun?

Catering is one of those expected inclusions. You have the option of chicken or fish. Maybe even a few gluten free or vegan options. At most events you go to chances are the food and drink is nothing to remember. 

It doesn't have to be this way.

Good food, done well is a way to ensure the mood of your guests are much more receptive to what you are wanting to present. Food done poorly or to the same standard as everyone else is just boring sustanance.

Consider raising the bar of your catering by including chefs cooking paella on the spot, flair bartending (cocktail juggling), or themed desert stations. 


I don't know if it is me or not, but everytime I go to a wedding and the background music is a live band playing a cello the vibe instantly changes. You can leverage music at your event for the same thing. If you are hosting a conference, consider background music during the day, a live band in the afternoon and if you want the party to start, put on a DJ. 

Music, or the lack of, will define the mood of your guests. Raise the bar by selecting live music as an option.


A great commedian can capture the attention of you whole audience. They can have them gasping or laughing depending on their jokes. Hiring a comedian for your next event is a great way to entertain your guests. Make sure you have done your research and any risks around offense are minimised. You want someone who will be able to relate to your audience over someone you personally are a fan of.

A great comedian may also be able to be hired as the MC for the event.


We have all been to that christmas party where there is a few lawn games and photo booths. Try upping the ante with different games. Consider hiding tokens around the venue and announcing some sort of prize for whoever finds the most. Add in an air hockey table at your next all staff event. Hire a real Santa to come in to your office and hand out gifts.

If you are hosting a networking event, we have created a guide with a few games you can play.


A magician has the ability to stun even the most stoic attendee. Hiring a magician shouldn't be reserve for an event, but is something you could do to entertain your staff on a friday lunchtime. Finding a Magician that matches your needs doesn't need to be that hard. Read through our guide on why you should hire a magician for your next event.

Hosts and Master of Ceremony 

Your host is one of the most important individuals at your event. The MC has so many roles to play, and finding a great MC should be a priority. If you are hosting an office event, you have the choice of using a staff member who might be great on the spot, but when they need to be an event Host they might trip. 

How to find work event entertainment

You can find entertainers online by spending a few hours on Google, checking out social media and watching videos on YouTube. Alterntaively you can leverage a service like BizziEvents. You can either find entertainment on the BizziEvents Platform or contact us and we can help with everything from vendor sourcing all the way down to communications plans and advertising.

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