Work Valentine's Day Events HR Will Approve Of!

Love is in the air, and it's time to show it. With Valentine's Day around the corner, your office may  have tasked you with creating a work event to celebrate their love for their employees (output). Lets just be clear here, this isn't going to be a profession of love from the CEO, and if it is I am not really sure how HR would feel about that. 

While holidays are often associated with couples, it is a great time for employees to bond and create memories together. 

We have a few, simple and safe ways your office could have a Valentine's Day work party that isn't awkward.

Bake-Off Competition

Put your staff baking skills to the test and organize a bake-off competition, with one rule. Teams or individuals must ensure they stick to the Valentine's Day theme - either heart shapes or pink food. This is a fun and sweet way to bring your colleagues together and showcase their culinary talents, not to mention often times delicious!

Note: Ensure all ingredients are clearly marked to prevent any allergy reactions. 

Themed Lunch or Happy Hour

Plan a themed lunch or afternoon tea, with food and drinks to match the occasion. Consider pink cupcakes, mimosas and heart shapes cookies. This is a great opportunity for staff to take a break from their work and enjoy a delicious meal together.

Secret Admirer Gift Exchange

The only way to not make this weird, is to flip the idea of romance and admiration. Encourage staff to participate in a "secret admirer" gift exchange. Participants can submit a gift of thank you for the person they admire in the office. Whether it is their manager for always having their back, the finance department for paying on time or the event team for organising the best Christmas parties, this is a simple way people can share a gift/letter of admiration. Ensure someone checks these before they are able to be shared publicly. 

Virtual Speed Dating Event

Arrange a virtual speed dating event to encourage staff to connect with their colleagues. This is a fun and unique way for staff to get to know each other, and it also promotes teamwork and communication.

Couples Trivia Game

Organize a trivia game based off famous couples. Make sure the questions are fun, love based and aren't focused on Miley Cyrus. This is a fun and interactive way for staff to bond and showcase their knowledge.

Virtual Love Shack Playlist

Create a virtual "Love Shack" playlist on Spotify which anyone can add to. Staff add their songs and they play throughout the day. This is a fun and relaxed way for staff to celebrate the holiday and unwind as they work.

Flower Arranging Workshop

Host a flower arranging workshop where participants can learn how to create bouquets. This is a unique and creative way to celebrate Valentine's Day and it also promotes team building and creativity. If you aren't up for the big bills associated, consider an origami flower arranging workshop. Get colour papers or tissue paper and encourage people to learn how to make their own bouquets.

Charity Event

Plan a charity event where staff can donate money to a local organization supporting those in need. This is a great way to spread love and kindness, and it also promotes a sense of community and generosity within the office. It also means those who might not want to deal with Valentine's Day, but want to have fun can still celebrate a great cause. 

Poetry Competition with a twist

Hosting a Poetry Slam might not go down as well as you think it would, but having a poetry or story telling competition where it has to be about the funny parts of dating could encourage others to share a story (fictional!) for the amusement of others. Ensure this is focused on fictional events and be aware that some people have had terrible dating experiences.

CEO Appreciations Posts

If you are working in an office that has a CEO that celebrates their staff, film them thanking all their staff and providing some insights into how appreciative they are. Email this out to all staff.

Determining which event is the best work Valentine's Day option should be based on your managers, company culture and budget. Whatever you do, if you are going to give one person roses in the workplace, make sure you give it to everyone because Valentine's Day is probably a HR teams worst nightmare.