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Updated: August 7, 2023

Ensuring the BizziEvents Platform remains a healthy marketplace for Vendors, Clients and their Guests is our top priority.

In order to showcase a Vendor or Vendor Service, interact with potential Clients and ensure a professional and respectful engagement occurs, BizziEvents has come up with a guideline for engagement. This list in non-exhaustive and intends to give peace of mind to all Users that aims to ensure BizziEvents remains a safe place.

Violations of this Guideline may result in suspension or termination of an Account. We may also moderate, remove, or edit any Content that violates these Community Guidelines or if we believe it adversely affects the integrity of BizziEvents or other users, and may adjust any of these Community Guidelines over time by posting an updated version to our website.

These Community Guidelines form part of, and use words and phrases defined in, the BizziEvents Platform Services Agreement. If you have any questions about these Community Guidelines or if you believe that a user has violated these Community Guidelines, please contact us.

You must agree to these Community Guidelines, as part of the BizziEvents Platform Services Agreement, to use the Platform and Services. Please read them carefully and only use the Platform or Services if you agree to abide by them.

Vendors will:

  • Comply with any Laws, including zoning, permits, and tax laws. Zoning and use restrictions are in place to protect people, including your Clients and Guests. You know your Vendor Service best and Clients trust that your service is up to code, properly licensed, and safe.
  • Accurately represent the nature, condition, and pricing of your Vendor Services. Many Clients will not have used your Vendor Service before their event. It is our goal for these individuals to become regulars of yours. It’s important that you give them an accurate idea of what to expect. While we know you want to put your best foot forward, you should be realistic and honest about your Vendor Service. Clients should also have a realistic idea of the actual Booking costs and clearly list any services you provide for an additional cost. You may not list prices lower than what you intend to charge. A poor representation of your service may result in negative reviews from Clients and a reduction in the liklihood of being rebooked. IT may also result in the suspension or removal of your listing.
  • Only offer Vendor Services that you’re permitted to Book. If you don’t own your Vendor Service or don’t have exclusive permission from an owner to List, then you are not permitted to List it on the Platform. For example, if you are renting, and not the owner or manager of a venue, you may need to have proof of approval from the owner, manager, or other party of interest before you List it. You are welcome to List multiple Vendor Services but may not offer Vendor Services to Clients that are not Listed. Violations will be strictly enforced.
  • Only offer Vendor Services that are ready to be booked with all the amenities listed. Vendors should not provide Vendor Services that aren’t clean or don’t offer basic amenities such as restroom access, toilet paper, air conditioning or heating where available. You should not list Vendor Services that will be shared with others during a booking. Remember: The amenities added on the listing should be included in the price you have set. Items or services offered for an additional cost must be listed as an Extras.
  • Honour price and policies. Any rate charged to Clients through the Platform will be equal to or better than those made available through their own website or any third-party booking companies or other distribution channels.
  • Practice COVID-19 Health & Safety Measures according to your State or National regulations.

Clients & Guests will:

  • Use Vendor Services with respect and as described to Vendors. It is important that you are honest and do not misrepresent the intended use of a Vendor Service when Booking. It is up to the Vendors to determine how they want (or do not want) their Vendor Services used. Inaccurate descriptions may result in the cancellation of your booking with no refund provided, as per the Cancellation & Refund Policy. This includes any event that has been booked for non-work related activities (for example birthday parties or weddings).
  • Be respectful and take good care of the Vendor Service and amenities. You as the Corporate Event Planner will be liable for any damages caused through your Booking.

All Users and Guests must:

  • Communicate with other users and BizziEvents honestly and openly. People trust Listings, comments about Vendor Services, and your communication with them. It’s important that you are clear and honest when you post. You may not use the Services to deceive or mislead people, post false or inaccurate statements, open multiple Accounts, or misrepresent who you are or your affiliations.
  • Transact honestly. Users may only use the Platform to transact as provided for legitimate Bookings.
  • Respect other people’s information. 
  • Use the Platform as Intended. The Platform is meant for Vendors to List and Clients to Book Vendor Services. You are not allowed to use the Platform to promote products or services other than your Vendor Service. You may not send unwanted messages or spam, promote use of a BizziEvents competitor, or use the Platform to communicate with users with no intention of Listing or Booking on the Platform. Doing this may result in your access to the platform being removed.

You may not Book Vendor Services in exchange for other services or goods in lieu of payment unless previously authorized by BizziEvents.

  • Be responsive. You should be available to answer any questions related to a booking and reply promptly. You will receive an email notification if you have a message, please check spam and ensure to add the domain and as a safe sender.

No one may:

  • Discriminate against other users. If we believe that you have refused to transact with another user based on any of these, we may suspend or terminate your account immediately.
  • Act, encourage or endorse illegal or dangerous behaviour.
  • Harm, intimidate, or threaten Users.
  • Share personal or dispute information. This may be a safety risk to you and others. You may also not post any details about an ongoing dispute between you and another user.
  • Harm, intimidate, harass, or threaten BizziEvents people or brand.
  • Misrepresent themselves. No one should provide a false name, phone number, address, listing description. You shall not create a duplicate account after being banned, or create an account if you’re under the age of 18.
  • Violate others’ privacy. While there is a general expectation of Vendor supervision of Vendor Service during a booking to maintain safety standards, Vendors must disclose to Clients and Clients must disclose to visitors the use of any surveillance cameras in their Vendor Service. Surveillance cameras are not permitted in private areas such as bathrooms or dressing rooms.
  • Swear or use obscene language in any communications as Vendor, Client or Guest.

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