BizziEvents Fees Overview

Last Updated: 7 August, 2023

This page explains any Fees for the use of the BizziEvents Services.

All Users acknowledge and agree that all payments shall be made in accordance with this Fees Overview.

This Policy is a binding part of the BizziEvents Services Agreement applicable to use of the Services and the Platform. Please read this Policy carefully.

You may not use the Platform or Services if you do not agree to this Policy.

Who is this policy relevant for?

This Policy has been created for the purpose of outlining the prices for corporate Event Planners and organisations.

Vendors are exempt from this policy.

How Does BizziEvents Calculate its Fees?

Concierge Services Fees

You may elect to use Concierge Services to assist you with Booking a Venue as a Client. Concierge Services depend on your unique needs and may include identifying specific Venues, scouting Venues for your specific needs, or assistance in event planning. Fees for Concierge Services are in addition to the Fees for the Vendor and are charged at the time they are confirmed, or are set at a fixed price when explicitly stated. The specific Fees for Concierge Services will be presented to you in a BizziEvents Concierge Services Agreement. Acceptance of these terms are required before Concierge Services commence. Concierge Services may not be available in your location.

BizziEvents Platform Fees

Access to the Platform to source Vendors is available to corporate Event Planners. A fee may be imposed for accessing the Platform.

Vendor Booking Fees

All Vendor Booking Fees are payable directly to the vendor according to their engagement, booking and cancellation policies.

Other Fees:

  • Local Taxes: GST is an additional fee for all BizziEvents costs.


This policy is subject to change without notice and impacts any engagements from the date of change.

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