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You can have the best event venue, perfect for any type of corporate event. But now, that simply isn't enough. Your venue is competing simply to get considered by an event planner. These planners are too busy to go beyond the first page of results, or trawl through forums to find venues to contact. And they certainly don't want to have to sign up to some platform simply to get in touch with you.

We know you provide your corporate event planners a platinum service, but for that to happen more often, you need to be in front of these event planners in the spaces they are looking.

BizziEvents offer event venues a simple way to be seen by planners, in the place they are searching to compare venues.

You could generate more revenue for your hotel, bar, function centre, golf course, or whatever venue you run, by listing on BizziEvents. Getting a listing is free and will ensure you are in front of thousands of event planners looking to book venues just like yours.

Want something a bit more than a basic profile? We have you covered.

Event Venue Listing Prices 

Increase your corporate event bookings by getting more exposure with executive assistants and event planners. Supply information that will help you generate more bookings.

Prices exclude GST.




/ year


/ year
Venue Name
Name and location
Rewards Program
Meeting planner rewards scheme
Up to 30 images of your meeting space(s)
Meeting Room Information
Includes layouts, inclusions, AV, Catering
Nearby Venues
Locations of alternate venues on your listing
3x per listing
3x per listing
1x per listing
Links to book directly with you
Including website, phone number and/or email address
Showcase your YouTube video
About the Venue
Additional information about your venue
Any venue accessibility information
Additional information about overnight stays
Promoted Listings
BizziEvents promoted listing via organic and paid channels

Free Event Venue Video Interview

Upon request and availability, BizziEvents can come to you and interview your Event Manager, Business Development Manager or other events team member to talk about how you can help corporate event planners, and why your venue is the right fit. This will help ensure you can answer all the questions people may have about your meeting rooms, in advance.

This will be featured on your Platinum venue listing, in socials and can form part of your included amplification.

To request an interview, please Contact Us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to be listed on BizziEvents?

We will always be free for event venues to be listed on BizziEvents. Your listing helps event planners find you faster and is a fantastic addition to our event planning community.

Getting a listing on BizziEvents is completely free. You can either list your venue yourself, or contact us and send through your website and we will do it for you. 

It is completely optional if you wish to upgrade your listing.

Do you offer discounts?

If you are a registered non-profit, or a First Nations business, we offer complimentary upgraded listings. Get in touch with us today to get started.

Do I need to supply anything?

For paid listings, you will need to supply information such as your events team contact details, information about accessibility, accommodation information and supply your YouTube link (if you wish to include it in your listing).

Do you review venues?

We often review venues. Depending on the venue and our schedules we may not book in any guided tours as we like to be able to take our time and review the hotel.

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