Corporate Event Vendor Guides

Whether you are a venue owner, catering company, or keynote speaker, this section is dedicated to celebrating you.

Learn more about how to promote yourself as a business. Whether you are a Bizzievents Vendor or not, read through quick and simple guides to building up your business and generating more bookings. Have a question or something you want us to cover? Simply get in touch.

Getting Started With Bizzievents

Invited to the Bizzievents platform as a vendor? Follow our onboarding pathway to ensure your profile and listing is live and in the best shape to ensure you generate more bookings.

We have created onboarding documentation for each type of corporate event suppliers our clients are asking for.

Now your listing is live and your profile is setup, learn more about the booking process and platform policies.


Corporate Event Vendor Guides

Read and watch guides designed to help you generate more revenue through corporate events.

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By listing on BizziEvents you are joining hundreds of other corporate event vendors wanting to generate more income, without having to pay exhorbitant commissions (or any at all).

Whether you are offering your services for in-office filming, product launches or conferences, joining BizziEvents is a quick way to get infront of more potential customers.

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If you are a First Nations event supplier, whether a venue, caterer, photographer or any other, please get in touch.


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