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If you are sick of having to pay 15-20% commission on every booking, increasing advertising costs or outrageous cost per enquiry fees you aren't alone.

And if you aren't on page 1 of Google, you aren't being seen by event planners.

The thing is, corporate event planners are desperate to find you, to see what you offer and to book you.

We exist because we couldn't fit the right answer for our event sourcing needs. BizziEvents exists to connect corporate event planners with venues, vendors and suppliers like you.

The best bit? Getting started is completely free.

With less resources to manage a busier portfolio, we are happy it was so easy to join.
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Join other event suppliers making more money on the BizziEvents Platform

With over 300 venues, vendors, and suppliers listed, we are ensuring event planners find your business, fast.

Whether you are a corporate event venue looking to generate more bookings, an entertainer or a caterer with exceptional offerings, getting a listing on BizziEvents is a sure fire way to get more business.

Make more money - It's easy

We are constantly adding to our free directory, and are seeing consistent increases in engagements. 

If you are an event venue, you can get your free listing live in minutes.
Get in touch and tell us about your corporate event services.
We get your listing live and in front of event planners.
Planners click through to your website, and contact you directly.
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How we help you generate more bookings

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Increase revenue

You already generate enough income on your own. Whether it attribute to 25% or 90% of your income, you have grown your business to be well regarded in your field.

Bizzievents is here to support further growth. Our end goal is to find and connect you with future regulars, regulars who will likely come to you directly, recommend your services to others and celebrate you for the award winning service you provide.

In order to do this we partner with select corporates who book business focused events. You won't get requrests for weddings, 18th birthdays or retirement parties through us. 

We keep our concierge service exclusive our online marketplace even more so.

Signing up is free and will take you 5 minutes once approved. 

Increase Venue Bookings

When it comes to booking meeting and event space, hoteliers are always looking for new and innovative ways to increase revenue. Whether you run a hotel, restaurant, golf club or function centre, generating additional corporate bookings is a must. 

Don't pay 15-25% of your booking fees as commissions, go through the pain of having to manage multiple calendars, or pay for every enquiry you receive.

You can get your listing live for free. Upgrading will add more to your profile, but any visitor to your site is yours to be treated as a direct enquiry. 

We do not, and will not ask for the status of any of the bookings you receive from our site.

We welcome and encourage groups, independents, First Nation and non-profit venues to join and get in front of thousands of searching event planners.
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Generate additional bookings

AV (audiovisual) suppliers play a crucial role in helping corporate events run smoothly. You are responsible for providing the necessary equipment and technical support to ensure that the event's audio and visual elements are executed seamlessly. 

Clients often request from the venue what AV partner they recommend and if you made it to Bizzievents, chances are you were recommended. 

Whether you provide equipment rental, technical support, planning or live stream/recording, you might find your next corporate booking from Bizzievent clients.

Please note: we will be limiting AV suppliers to 3-5 per region.
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Find new regulars

Hospitality venues have been hit hard with COVID, state based regulations on opening hours, a lack of tourism. This doesn't even cover the cost of goods and the increasing staff costs. You might be generating good income later in the week, or only during certain hours of the day, but why shouldn't you earn more?

Not all clients are booking venues where F&B is included in the room hire. Not all clients are running external events. Some look to external suppliers for all staff meetings, seminars, workshops and boardmeetings for suppliers. 

Often the suppliers for internal events are those that get repeat orders, so ensure you are listed with Bizzievents so you find your next regular.

Please note: we will be limiting Corporate Caterers to 5-10 per region.
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Increase corporate bookings

Whether you are an MC, a Magician or a Mentalist, clients are looking for more ways to engage their Guests at events. Finding and Booking entertainment isn't easy, with the likes of airtasker meaning anyone can tout themselves as an expert. If you have been referred to us from a trusted partner then they believe you are a great fit and we would love to have you onboard.

If you are already working corporate events and are looking for more bookings, join Bizzievents where corporates can book you for internal or external events, conferences, seminars and workshops. 
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Increase the volume of new clients

You are the expert in terms of working with clients, styling events and managing everything from Vendor visits, restaurants reviewing, travel requirements, setup and packdown. Your role is as diverse as your clients.

Bizzievents is here to provide a way for those smaller clients to do it themselves, with events typically under 100 people, however a number of clients would benefit from an Event Manager, Stylist or Destination Management Consultant to ensure their conferences are able to be completed in time and on budget.

We already work with a few event managers and stylists for MICE that we can't support. Please get in touch to join the panel as an Event Manager.   
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Find new corporate clients

While the majority of our clients are looking for florists for specific functions, seminars and shoots, there are some that are also looking for their regular suppliers for internal floral needs including entranceways, staff gifts and customer thank yous.

If you already supply foral arrangements for corporate events and are looking to fill up the mid-week requests, Bizzievents clients typically are running events between Tuesday and Thursday.
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Increase midweek bookings

Whether you offer headshots, conference photography or on-site videography services listing yourself as a vendor with Bizzievents will expose you to a new selection of corporate clients. 

We have been asked about services including:

  • Headshots / Portraits
  • Product Photos/Videos
  • Office environment shoots
  • Function photography
  • Networking drink photos
  • Seminar videos and edits
  • On-site training videography¬†
  • PR interviews

Please note: we will be limiting the total number of Photographers and Videographers on the website

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We are focused on supporting corporate event planners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make money if it is free for vendors?
While other sites are charging up to 15% commissions, or setting extravagent fees just to be seen, we have a policy of keeping things fair. We know not all businesses can afford to spend thousands of dollars on listing fees a year, so we have three listing options, starting with completely free. Our Free listing will sitll get you in front of people, you aren't hidden down the site, you are still recommended to event planners when they call, you just may not have all the listing features (E.g. videos). 
Why do we have a free listing option?
If you aren't on page 1 of Google chances are you aren't getting as many bookings as you should. And we don't think that is right.

Our own personal experience has led us down the path where time restrictions meant booking the first available venue, not necessarily the best venue.

Our study also shows event planners take an average of 4 hours to find a vendor for a work event. This time comes at a cost to creating exceptional events. Rather than planning on-the-day guest experiences, event planners are scrambling to source vendors and get the rest of the event bare minimums organised.

We aim for BizziEvents to cut that 4 hours, down to minutes.

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