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There simply isn't enough representation of First Nations businesses in corporate events. Corporates want to book, but don't know where to look. The main event venue sites are filled with internationally owned conglomerates, large local groups who can negotiate great rates and others who suffer the fees as a cost of doing business.

We mean to balance this. If you are a corporate event vendor, whether venue, photographer, or caterer, we want to support your business.

Beyond a simple listing, we want to build out a space where we can spotlight your business and ensure the corporate event planners who are desperately seeking you, can find you.

Why partner with BizziEvents?

Concilliation Supporter

My connection to land and sea started in Cammeraygal and now reside as a visitor in the Gadigal clans.

No Membership Fees

We don't charge a fee to be listed as a Platinum Venue with all the listing features and none of the cost.

Easy Customisation

You are in control of your listing. Let us know what you want changed and we will jump on to it.

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We are always on the lookout for new corporate event venues, caterers, AV partners, photographers and anyone who can help raise the bar of corporate events. If you would like to join other vendors earning more revenue and finding new regular clients, join today!

*Please make sure to contact us before paying for Listing tier, as we cannot refund that amount, but will cancel any future payments.
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With over 300 venues and suppliers listed, and event planners from around Australia searchimg, you can bet your business is going to be in-front of the right people.

Whether you are a corporate event venue looking to generate more bookings, an AV company that can supply to a region or a caterer that has exceptional offerings, joining BizziEvents is a quick way to get more business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Bizzievents want to help First Nations event vendors?
We know and understand the impact a lack of promotion and support means to community and aim to help support in this manner. After speaking with other corporates that run events there isn't deemed to be a place where someone can go and find venues easily for corporates (even through Supply Nation). 

It is the aim of this service to highlight, promote and celebrate First Nations businesses in both metro and rural regions. 

We know, as a non-first nations owned business that we have a lot of work to do to get there and welcome any suggestions on how we can improve our awareness and actions towards equality.
How does BizziEvents work?
BizziEvents focuses on connecting corporates with venues and other event suppliers quickly, to enable an easier discovery process for both parties.

These are people and businesses who want to book work events, functions, photo shoots, product launches or spaces for a sales seminar. We ensure these businesses are able to find the right venue for their need, which we hope is you. 

Once they reach out, the power is in your hands to determine if you want to go ahead. We stay out of your way and all contact between you and the event planner is in your own website, email and phone.
How long does it take to sign up?
It takes less than 2 minutes to reach out. We can tell you a little more about the offer for First Nations businesses.

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