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A well regarded MC is worth their weight in gold. You set the tone for the event, keep everything on schedule, provide the perfect intros and keep the audience engaged. Not to mention being able to adapt to any unexpected situation.

If you are a MC for corporate events then sign up to Bizzievents as a trusted Vendor to unlock additional weekday bookings. Getting started takes less than 5 minutes.

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With over 300 venues and suppliers listed, and event planners from around Australia searchimg, you can bet your business is going to be in-front of the right people.

Whether you are a corporate event venue looking to generate more bookings, an AV company that can supply to a region or a caterer that has exceptional offerings, joining BizziEvents is a quick way to get more business.

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We are always on the lookout for new corporate event venues, caterers, AV partners, photographers and anyone who can help raise the bar of corporate events. If you would like to join other vendors earning more revenue and finding new regular clients, join today!
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We are dedicated to supporting corporate event planners, not wedding planners.

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Getting your listing live and in front of event planners across Australia takes under 5 minutes. 

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We take our planner and vendor feedback and feature requests as a number one priority.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Bizzievents work?
Bizzievents focuses on connecting booking Clients with Venue, to enable an easier booking system for both parties. We engage both parties to ensure the service meets their needs. Upon request we are now expanding out to a marketplace where businesses can find and connect with all other aspects of a corporate event, from caterers to AV to photographers and MCs.

Our priority is finding and building corporate relationships. These are people and businesses who want to book work events, functions, photo shoots, product launches or spaces for a sales seminar. We ensure these businesses are able to find the right venue for their need, which we hope is you. If they select you, based off the profile you create, they will create a booking request.

Once a booking request comes through, you have the option as a Host to accept or decline any booking. The power is in your hands to determine if the Client is someone who you are willing to allow into your precious Venue and something we take seriously.
How long does it take to sign up?
After your application has been reviewed, you will received an invite to our booking platform, where you can get your listing live in as little as 5 minutes.
How much does Bizzievents cost?
It is free to get your listing live. Within your listing you will be required to input any of the hourly rates or Add-Ons a client will be charged. 

All Bookings are managed by our Services Agreement, which outlines our fee strcture.

For Hosts, we charge a percentage fee on the subtotal of the booking, which includes the hourly rates and any Add-Ons such as cleaning or catering. 

Bizzievents only makes money when you do, unlike others who may charge you for your listing and again for any booking made.

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