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Join BizziEvents as a photographer and generate more revenue.

BizziEvents connects corporates that run business events with businesses like yours for events like conferences, seminars, in-office shoots, headshots and many more.

We want to raise the bar of business events, ensuring Event Planners have the best opportunity to create exceptional event experiences... and that is where you come in.

We are completely free for vendors to generate unlimited bookings.

$0 Membership. $0 per Enquiry. 0% Commission. 

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It is now busier than pre-covid. With less resources it means everything needs to be easy to use. No fees and getting booking enquiries direct to our inbox makes joining a no-brainer.
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Join other event suppliers making more money on the BizziEvents Platform

The BizziEvents Platform has over 300 venue listings across Australia, however in order to provide the best service to our Planners we are limiting Photographer listings. There are a maximum of 3 Photographers per region.

Whether your photography business supports conferences, headshots or corporate social events, joining BizziEvents is a quick way to get infront of more potential customers.

Get in front of more potential clients and generate more revenue for your photography business by joining BizziEvents today.

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Getting More Corporate Event Bookings is free. Forever.

We are always on the lookout for new corporate event venues, caterers, AV partners, photographers and anyone who can help raise the bar of corporate events. If you would like to join other vendors earning more revenue and finding new regular clients, join today!
Go live with 3 simple steps:
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Submit your listings by including as much information as possible.
Recieve and respond to enquiries.
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Increase bookings for...

Corporate Events
Office Imagery
Product Shoots

Seminars, Functions and other corporate events

With more events running mid-week, getting bookings for sales seminars, roundtables, product launches and other corporate events is as simple as getting your listing live. 

These events range from short 2 hours of services, to longer day and night events. If you are available for travel ensure to include this in your listing setup, as it will help clients with ensuring you are the right fit.

Headshots, portraits and LinkedIn profiles

Whether looking for executive portraits for their website, or wanting to offer their guests professional headshots at their next event, your services are wanted and needed.

Post Covid office face lifts

With more businesses returning to office, there has been a rise in refurbishments and face-lifts and corporates are wanting to capture this for inductions, job ads and their social media.

Product shoots and adverts

While you already likely have your key clients, sometimes the unexpected happens and a photographer is needed for an urgent job. 

Only list this as a service if you have signficant experience in product photography.

Testimonial shoots

Whether our clients are looking for internal or external shoots, testimonials are known to be a fantastic way to generate new business growth. 

Ensure to include whether you are available locally, nationally or internationally in your listing for testimonials.

Why join BizziEvents?

Business Events Only

We are dedicated to supporting corporate event planners, not wedding planners.

Maximise your Profits

$0 memberships & 0% commissions means more money in your pocket.

Live in 5

Getting your listing live and in front of event planners across Australia takes under 5 minutes. 

Community Led

We take our planner and vendor feedback and feature requests as a number one priority.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Bizzievents work?
Bizzievents focuses on connecting booking Clients with Host Venues, to enable an easier booking system for both parties. We engage both parties to ensure the service meets their needs.

How it works:
1) Join as a Vendor
2) Submit your Listing(s)
3) When a business event planner wants to book they reach out
4) You manage the booking as normal
How long does it take to sign up?
Getting a listing live as a vendor takes less than 5 minutes. You will be asked to create a profile, and for each service you offer create 1 listing.
How much does Bizzievents cost?
As a vendor and supplier to the corporate event industry, joining is free. $0 membership fees. $0 per lead. 0% commission.

We are offering this service free for venues, photographers, videographers, AV companies and anyone who aspires to support corporate Event Planners create exceptional events.
Why is it free for Vendors?
It takes 4 hours on average to find a vendor for a work event. This time is spent on Google, clicking on all the ads and links, reviewing websites contacting vendors and starting the process all over again when they aren't available.

This time comes at a cost to creating exceptional events. Rather than planning on-the-day guest experiences, event planners are scrambling to source vendors and get the rest of the event bare minimums organised.

By joining BizziEvents you are helping speed up the process for event planners to find what they need, so they can reallocate that time to other work.

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