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With less resources it means everything needs to be easy to use. We already work with some other sites that charge commissions, but with no fees and no gating of planner information, this was a no brainer.
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Submit your corporate event venue to BizziEvents to generate additional awareness, traffic and bookings. Whether you are a pub with a TV, a destination hotel or a dedicated conference centre, you are able to get listed and live in a matter of minutes.

Venue Submission

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Get your venue in front of thousands of planners. This form will be enough to create your FREE public listing, shown to all of our event planners.

For full listing features please review our pricing options.

Note: Please enter as much information as is revelent for when you host corporate events. We will review the information provided and ensure it is a fit before setting it live.

About Your Venue

Provide some information about your venue.

Note: you will have an area for event specific information, website and contact details later.

Event Rooms and Layouts

How to enter room capacities

  1. Click the Plus + icon, to add new rows
  2. Enter the name and information for each row
  3. Click the Minus - icon to remove a row

Venue Images

Some suggestions include:

  • Exterior / Entrance
  • Around the venue 
  • Event and Function Rooms in multiple layouts
  • Catering / AV / Accommodation / Dining (if relevant)

How to Book

Provide some ways corporate event planners can book or enquire about booking your venue.

Final Details

We may reach out to confirm any information before going live.

Join other event venues making more money on the BizziEvents Platform

With hundreds of event rooms listed across Australia and APAC, event planners are using BizziEvents to easily find, compare and contact venues they want to book their event at.

By listing on BizziEvents you are joining hundreds of other corporate event venues who want to generate more income, without having to pay exhorbitant commissions (or any at all).

In fact, you can get your listing live without spending a dollar.

So, whether you are a function centre, hotel, bar, winery or even a restaurant with a private dining room, you could generate more bookings on BizziEvents.

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Getting more Corporate Event Bookings is simple.

Our Service and Platform clients are always looking for venues in new areas, both rural and metro. If you have a venue that gets booked for corporate events, or even a venue with some semi-private space and a TV, you might be the right fit for some of the event briefs that are featured on the Platform.

Join other venues that are making more bookings through BizziEvents.

Go live with 3 simple steps:
Enter some details about your venue location, event offers and images.
We review your submission, and set your venue live across the website.
Your venue gets placed in front of local and international event planners.
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How we help...

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Residences / Homes

Increase your revenue

You might be generating bookings through your own channels and resources. These might be full day bookings, hourly bookings or any combination.

You also might not be generating bookings, but could be. Is your space something that people talk about? Is it something that perhaps could be a great meeting place for a salesperson wanting to run a seminar? Could it be used by a stylist for a photo shoot? Could it be attractive to a PR agency wanting to host an event?

Bizzievents is here to increase the space usage for all businesses. We want to fill those gaps in the your dairy, to make sure that each hour you are open you are open and able to generate more revenue. You want this without the constant effort of advertising on sites and magazines that charge you for the privilege of a mention - let us do the legwork for you. We don't make money unless you do.

Increase your revenues by opening up your venue at the times you want, to the clients you want, at a price you set.

Generate more revenue for your gallery

Your meticulously curated gallery may be open to the public at certain times of the day, or it may be open to Artists looking to showcase their latest pieces. You already have a name for your gallery and likely are getting bookings throughout the year.

How we could help you, is to connect you to businesses or artists looking to hire a space. By opening your business to Bizzievents Clients you may find yourself not only generating more revenue from the bookings, but you could end up with new members, showpieces sold or a regular customer and advocate.

Whether your gallery is a blank canvas, has an artist showcasing their wares for sale, or are one of the largest galleries in Australia, we can help you increase your bookings.

Ensure even non-service hours are generating a return

Hospitality venues have been hit hard with COVID, state based regulations on opening hours, a lack of tourism. This doesn't even cover the cost of goods and the increasing staff costs. You might be generating good income later in the week, or only during certain hours of the day, but why shouldn't you earn more.

Staff parties are one thing. As someone who has booked Christmas Parties and work events at bars, you normally end up spending more time Googling for the right Venue versus planning the actual event!

But what about a normal day or night throughout the year?

If you have staff in the venue already doing prep work, why not offer your Bar out for hire for the hours you are in? You could allow a business to come into one of the best bars in town to conduct a sales presentation to their prospective customers. Simply input your bookable hours, set a price and accept the events you want to accept.

If you are open - why not make a bit of extra revenue to help cover increasing costs?

Increase your cafe space return

Hospitality has had is tough, and your cafe may be no different.

We saw our local business survive the first wave of COVID lockdowns, only to be unable to survive a second, third and fourth. We know the struggle cafe owners are having with increasing bean prices, staff costs and a reduction in customers. We know this, and are terrified to think of a country not powered by coffee.

If you have a space in your cafe, a room that could be made private, or are able to offer the whole of your indoor section to a client then offer your venue up in the hours that you are typically busy.

With Bizzievents, the power is in your hands. Set the times you are willing to accept a booking and open up your venue to a business that might want to do a photo shoot, a sales seminar or a private work meeting. Not only could you increase your revenue, but you could find they love your coffee as much as you do, and you may end up with a new regular!

Increase the volume of new clients

Your event space is likely already doing a fantastic job generating bookings and revenue. This is, after all, the core of your business. We know your regulars love you. They are the ones that come back, time and time again to book that weekly, monthly or annual event.

Bizzievents aims at finding you those new customers. The ones who we know you will impress. The ones who may end up being your next regular clients. We connect booking clients with venues like yours, built with purpose to support others.

Generate more revenue by listing your event space on Bizzievents. Set your own prices and accept only the bookings you believe are going to match your space. You own the right to accept or refuse bookings, we exist to increase your options.

Increase Function Room Hire & Members

Hosting an event at a golf course service many purposes for the event planners. They are able to find a venue that is incredibly beautiful, has ample parking, great facilities and the potential to play a round of golf before or after their event.

Hosting corporate event meeetings doesn't have to end there, ensure to let your guests know about any promotions to become a member or offer to block off a few tee-off times for their guests.

Increase space utilisation, capacity planning and revenue

Your meeting rooms are the bread and butter of corporate event planning. You offer incredible amenities, have on-site accommodation for visiting guests and have your processes down pat.

Bizzievents aims at increasing all types of bookings. Our purpose is to find and attract more clients to ensure your venue is generating more bookings and more revenue. Fill your calendar with BizziEvents.

Unlike other sites we don't take any commissions, which means the margins on F&B are untouchable. Charge what you want and retain all your earnings, without having to pay 10-15% to the platform that generated you that booking.

Ensure your meeting rooms or office spaces aren't being wasted

If you are lucky enough to have too many meeting rooms, you are a rare breed. You also have an incredible asset on your hands.

Other businesses who may not have the meeting room space, or want to hire a venue that might better impress their meeting attendees often search for temporary board rooms or meeting rooms. Others might event want to hire your spare space for a photo shoot.

If you have a neat room, a screen/projector, a table and some chairs, chances are you could benefit from listing your meeting room out for a few hours.

You set the price of your office space, you determine the rules and you approve any bookings. We just help you find those clients who are willing to pay.

Generate income without having to move out overnight

Your residential property is something extremely personal. You have invested considerable time and money to get it to look the way it does now... and that is exactly why people want to book your venue. You may just not want to have people staying overnight in the venue and dealing with that level of cleanup.

If you have a venue that has a vibe, no matter what vibe that is, our clients will want to book. Whether Boho or Beachy, your venue could be booked for a photo shoot, a product launch or a seminar.

If you are already listing on AirBnB or Stayz, but want the flexibility of short term (hourly) bookings, or are sick of having to pack up and move out each time, then apply to join as a Bizzievents Venue Host.

By using Bizzievents you control your listing, your rules and your prices. Set your prices by the hour and accept only the events you want to accept.

Increase function room bookings 

Your RSL already supports your local community. You act as a support network and community group for hundreds of locals and thousands of veterans.

If you have a room that is currently being booked out for sales seminars, training sessions or other work events, you are already doing a great job.

But what would happen if you could generate more revenue but increasing the volume of bookings? Any hour of any day you are open and staffed is an hour that our Clients could want to book. Increase your revenues, staff and booking utilisation by opening up your venue to Bizzievents clients.

Find you new customers and future regulars

Your Studio is already purpose built to help others. You are no stranger to receiving bookings and giving top customer service. With businesses hitting recession and purses tightening, you may have seen some of your regulars become less regular.

Bizzievents opens up your venue to more clients wanting to book it for anything from a workshop, seminar, photo shoot or anything else.

Increase your revenues by having your venue join other Bizzievents hosts. You set your prices, your rules and we find clients who meet that requirement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I list my venue?

Listing your venue is a free and simple way to get in front of thousands of event planners. Whether they be Executive Assistants, Office Managers, Event Planners or Marketers, getting your venue seen is the first step to getting your venue booked and increasing your revenues.

How much does it cost?

It is free to get a basic listing live on BizziEvents. This includes everything an event planner needs to consider your venue such as your name, location, images and corporate event space information.

What is included in my listing?

You can go into as much detail as you want with your listing. We have a few required fields, such as the venue name, address and website, but you have free text for information around the venue, meeting rooms and any accommodation you may offer.

Basic listings include:

  • Name
  • Images
  • Meeting room capacities
  • Meeting room information
  • How to get to your venue
  • Booking types

Diamond listings may not be suitable for your venue, and are reserved for select few venues. Additional information is required to be supplied, and may include:

  • Accommodation information
  • Accessibility information
  • How to Book (phone, web and email links)
  • Testimonials

In additional, Diamond listings have both organic and paid promotions in their region to support additional event booking opportunities.

Why are listings free?

We asked dozens of event planners how long it took to find and shortlist corporate event venues. When taking into account the discovery, comparison, contact and negotiations it takes 4 hours on average, with a huge chunk spend on Google and contacting venues that don't match their requirements.

When we noticed this problem at a company that at one stage ran 50 events a month, we knew there was a need to speed things up.

So we created BizziEvents, as a resource for corporate event planners to spend less time on research and invest more time into creating exceptional event outcomes.

How do I update a listing?

Every listing has a form at the bottom of the page, you can enter any amendments you would like on that listing. Alternatively you can Contact Us and we will get onto it.

How can I increase revenue for my venue?

By listing on BizziEvents you are ensuring your venue is able to be seen by people looking for corporate event venues near you and your business. They are actively searching and trying to find venues and have the budgets to spend.

Ensure your website has a section for events and functions and you will be giving your business the best opportunity to increase bookings.

Can I list my venue for free?

You can list your event venue on BizziEvents for free and get in front of thousands of event planners looking to book a venue in your area.

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